Senor Dylan’s Cantina is, in fact, a Cantina.

The word Cantina is derived from 19 Century Latin and Italian.  Cantina, originally, meant bags that went on the back of a horse when people traveled by horseback or carriage.  Today, because we no longer travel by horseback (at least the vast majority of Americans do not), the word Cantina is now associated with a drinking establishment.  At Senor Dylan’s Cantina we are, without a doubt, a drinking establishment that also serves a authentic Mexican food which is also delicious.

Please stop by our cantina during our regular hours to enjoy wonderfully majestic ambience and our frozen margaritas.  Directions to our cantina can be found here.

The most popular items for sale at our cantina are the Authentic Tacos and our most popular frozen margarita is the Watermelon Margarita.  Please do not hesitate to come in to our cantina and enjoy our hospitality, drinks, and delicious food.

We look forward to having you at our cantina really soon.